Aaron Matheson is the guitarist and one of the two lead vocalists in Good Nature. He began playing piano at the age of 6, and guitar at the age of 12. Besides playing guitar and singing for Good Nature, he is the main songwriter of the band. 

Ian Kniel is the bassist in Good Nature. He also knows how to play the flute, which he started playing at the age of thirteen. Music has gotten him through rough times, and he wants to help give back through music. Not only does Ian play bass for Good Nature, but he has a background in art, so he is the creative force behind the graphics, album art, and gig posters for the band.  

Ronen Iosilevich is the keyboardist as well as a vocalist in Good Nature. He is a classically trained pianist, and he has been playing since he was 9 years old. Besides playing keys and singing in the band, he is the business man of the group. He gets all the gigs and replies to all the emails.

Elli Bookhalter is the drummer for Good Nature. He has played with several different bands before Good Nature, in a variety of different genres. Along with playing drums for the band, Elli provides the jam space, hosts the band’s weekly “Tea Talks”, and replies to Facebook messages the fastest. He also runs the band’s Instagram page.

Fred Mack is the saxophone player for Good Nature. He started playing piano when he was just five years old, and began playing the saxophone for band in junior high school. Along with playing sax in Good Nature, he is an active member of the Edmonton Jazz scene. Fred is the main front man of the band during live shows.